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Whether you’re buying or selling a home, finding the right real estate agent makes all the difference. In fact, the top 5% of agents sell homes for 10% more than the average agent, according to our internal data.

The first step in vetting potential real estate professionals is to ask for referrals from friends, family and neighbors who have bought or sold recently. That way, you’ll know someone who has worked with the agent and can vouch for their quality of service.

But if getting a personal recommendation isn’t an option, you can also use online resources to find local real estate agents who have good customer ratings and close home sales in your area. For example, HomeLight’s match tool uses data from actual closed real estate transactions to help buyers and sellers find the best agents for their needs. Its results aren’t based on questionable surveys, submitted testimonials or paid rankings systems and can save you time by quickly identifying the best agents in your market. Read more

When interviewing prospective agents, look for an ability to provide specific, concrete answers that demonstrate a firm grasp of the local real estate market. For example, when asked how long it usually takes for homes to sell in your neighborhood, an experienced agent should be able to tell you the average days on market at a glance and explain any factors that may affect that number (such as a new grocery store opening nearby).

If you’re selling your home, look for an agent who can provide a realistic estimate of what your house will likely be worth based on comparable homes that have sold in your area and taking into account any improvements you’ve made or issues with your property. Avoid any agents who seem to be guessing or overstating the value of your property, as these estimates can backfire and end up costing you money in the long run.

Aside from experience, you’ll also want to find an agent with a personality and work style that complements your own. Beware of any agents who act pushy or seem to have an agenda, as they may not be a good fit for you.

If you’re in the market to buy, pay attention to how responsive an agent is when you call or text. A great agent should be able to answer your questions within a few hours or less. If they take a while to respond, it’s probably not a good idea to hire them. Moreover, if an agent is always on the go, it could indicate they’re not committed to their clients and their business.


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