The Real Estate Agent’s Journey


Becoming a real estate agent can be an exciting career path for someone who loves helping clients make life-changing decisions. But it can also be a demanding job that requires a lot of time on the road, meeting with clients, and in homes or businesses. Getting the right training and experience is key to becoming a successful real estate agent.

Each state has its own unique licensing requirements for real estate agents and brokers, but the process typically involves completing certain courses and passing an exam. A high school diploma or GED is usually required, and some states require a background check or fingerprinting. Obtaining a real estate license can take anywhere from six months to a year, depending on the state.

Once an individual has completed the licensing requirements for their specific state, it’s a good idea to start looking for a broker to sponsor them. This is important as the broker will serve as a mentor and guide them through their early career as a new agent. In addition, some brokerages offer agent mentoring programs that can be extremely helpful for those just starting out in the business. Also read

To get a feel for the industry, Hoagland recommends that new agents reach out to people who are currently working in the business and try to shadow them for a few weeks or longer. It’s a great way to see what the daily job duties are, and to start building relationships with agents in the field.

While it’s a good idea to begin networking with current agents, Hoagland advises newcomers to also start reaching out to large brokerage firms in their area to see what they have to offer. She says that a new agent should look for a firm with a strong reputation in the market, and that offers cutting-edge tools and technology to help them succeed.

After a few weeks or more of shadowing an experienced agent, a potential new real estate agent should prepare to take the state exam. It’s important to do as much study as possible, especially in the last few days before the test. It’s also a good idea to use flashcards and break the studying into short periods of time to stay focused.

After taking the licensing test, a new agent should work with their sponsoring broker to build their brand in the market and network with fellow agents. Once an individual has developed a solid foundation, they can start to reap the rewards of their hard work by closing deals and building a prosperous career.


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